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CM - Metallic textures bundle 1454573

Автор: марина1987 от 6-11-2018, 07:17], посмотрело: 178

CM - Metallic textures bundle 1454573

CM - Metallic textures bundle 1454573
This is a huge pack of some of my best selling metallic textures, along with some bonus extras. This bundle includes a range of different metallic hues including gold, rose gold, champagne gold, silver, black, and copper, and a range of different effects including brushed metal, foil, antique metal, bokeh, and glitter. These designs are perfect for achieving metallic text effects using clipping masks, or as backgrounds in any number of projects. All backgrounds are 12 x 12 inch jpegs (300 dpi). Please note that the total size of this pack is larger than the Creative Market limit. Upon purchase, you will receive a file with a link to the download. For ease of use, files are clearly organized into folders according to hues and texture types. Please note that the backgrounds in this product are not seamless.

CM - Metallic textures bundle 1454573

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Теги: Metallic

Категория: Клипарты

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